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Making Dreams Possible for Hartsville’s Youth

Last year, because of donations, United Way was able to give seventeen (17) grants to support a variety of programs that make a big difference in the community.  In Hartsville, these grants helped improve the lives of over 6,000 people.  Each year, United Way invests in important services that bridge the gap for many who are struggling.  In many cases, your donations help individuals establish a new lifestyle that leads to a better future.  Here’s one of many examples that show how your donations make a difference:


Rayshawn is a seventeen year-old junior at Hartsville High School with a dream to make a better future for himself.  Rayshawn lost his mother at a young age and was left with no one to give him guidance.  Living in extreme poverty, exposed to drugs and abuse, Rayshawn struggled and had little motivation in school. He also faced the need to help provide financial support to his Grandmother and 5 siblings.


It was by attending the After School Program at Boys & Girls Club, a United Way funded program, that Rayshawn finally found the mentoring he needed.  Because of donations, Rayshawn is learning to make good decisions that create a path to a better future.  He’s learning how to be self-sufficient; and he proudly holds a part-time job at the club now and manages his own bank account.  He enjoys setting an example for the younger kids, as the President of Keystone Club, a leadership group part of the after school program.  Rayshawn is now excelling in school and hopes to be admitted to Moore’s College in the fall 2013.


Because of community donations each year, United Way is able to fund valuable programs that help our kids succeed. These programs are critical and often provide life-changing influence in the lives of our children.  Because of his experience, Rayshawn wants to give back to the community and he’s doing that already as a counselor at Boys & Girls Club.  One of his goals is to also give back by serving in the United States Military.  Rayshawn is a strong young man now with hopes of becoming something greater.  With bright eyes and a promising smile, he says, “I have to stay focused on my goal.  I have to stay strong.  I have faith in myself.”  


The needs in Hartsville are growing and we need everyone’s help. Give what you can, advocate, and volunteer to support the community.  Be part of the movement to make a difference this year --and join us in the conversation to create opportunities for lasting change in the future.


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