Allocation Process

Did you ever wonder how your money is spent when you donate to United Way of Hartsville? We believe that it is important for donors to know exactly how it all works. Here is an inside look at that extensive process.

Each year, we evaluate our community partners to ensure that funding is going to successful programs with measurable, sustainable results. Our allocation process begins with a Community Investment Team or CIT. The Hartsville United Way CIT is made up of our ten board members who work diligently to rate several of the programs on their past success and planned goals for the upcoming campaign year.

Every funded partner submits an annual application and hosts a site visit, including a tour and a brief presentation. No program is entitled to funding from one year to the next. Each partner must earn their funding by providing meaningful outcomes and measurable results.

The board of directors reviews the final allocations. They decide in which area –Education, Income, Health and other community needs— each program will be assigned.

Once accepted, the organizations must provide proof of how they are spending the funds throughout the year. Our Executive Director focuses on keeping the funds in the Hartsville Community and if the funds are not used properly, the board has the option to remove the program from United Way of Hartsville.

We fund these programs and their services; however, United Way of Hartsville also funds community programs and community initiatives such as the Born Learning Trail to be completed in spring 2014. The ultimate goal of our United Way is to create a greater community impact right here in Hartsville.

It takes everyone in our community working together to create a brighter future.

To learn more information, contact Joann DeLong at (843) 383-7992 or email her at